E-PRAGMATIC network consists of 13 partners and 3 associated partners from 7 European countries and Switzerland. From most of the countries there is one partner from an educational institution and one partner from the industry (an enterprise, a chamber or an association of the companies).

  The network operates at two levels. The closest cooperation is established between the working pairs of partners from the same country. Such working pairs are established in Austria, the Nederland, Poland, Slovenia and in Switzerland and present network's basic units. Each working pair is composed of one educational institution and one industrial partner. Partner from the educational institution develops two training modules, which are especially suited to the needs of his working pair partner.

 The second level of cooperation is international, mainly within E-PRAGMATIC Community of professionals and connects network's members and other stakeholders. It will operate within the learning portal. However a provided connectivity to the social networks will facilitate development of the Community also over the borders of the learning portal.


Figure 1: Structure of E-PRAGMATIC network

BLOCKS: Violet - educational partners, grey - industrial partners,

CONNECTIONS: Violet - within each working pair, Black - between work-packages' leaders, Light grey - between industrial partners




Figure 2: E-PRAGMATIC working pairs