E-Learning and Practical Training of Mechatronics and Alternative Technologies in Industrial Community

Leonardo da Vinci, Thematic network


E-PRAGMATIC network connects educational institutions, chambers of commerce and small business, enterprises and the associations of enterprises from seven European countries. The main network’s aim is to modernize mechatronics and engineering vocational training of the employed professionals, apprentices and trainees, by enhancing of the existing or establishing new in-company training approaches in the industry.

Mechatronics, as a combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, and software engineering, is still a relatively new engineering field. However most of the engineering professionals are at some point in their career faced with the problems that are by their nature the interdisciplinary, mechatronics problems. Within E-PRAGMATIC network, the mechatronics engineering and alternative technologies distance training, suited to the needs of industry, will be developed. Learning contents will be prepared by the network’s educational partners through the close cooperation with the industrial partners and on the basis of the ascertained knowledge needs.

Modern, distance learning courses, an access to the remote working stations and a number of the functionalities are going to be available within E-PRAGMATIC learning portal and, as such, incorporated in the in-company training of the industrial partners. The professionals from industry can in this way obtain the modern, up-to date knowledge needed at their working places. Distance approach and continuous availability of the training also makes it easier for the professionals to integrate E-PRAGMATIC training into their everyday schedule.

E-PRAGMATIC international Community of professionals works also toward strengthening the cooperation between the industry and educational institutions. The Community provides a framework for sharing the knowledge, experience, discussing the ideas and establishing the connections at all levels.

E-PRAGMATIC network is part of Archipelago of Thematic networks in the fields of Sciences and Technology within STECET (Science and Technnology – European Cooperation in Education and Training). Read more here.

E-PRAGMATIC network is open for the cooperation with other networks, projects’ consortia, educational institutions, companies and others. Join us!


Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture (EACEA), European Commision has in January 2015 selected at E-PRAGMATIC as one of the best Leonardo Da Vinci projects.


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Java EE and mobile APP developer

E-PRAGMATIC network member is searching for Java EE and mobile APP developer for further development of platform CEyeClon used for realization of some E-PRAGMATIC remote experiments. Please find more information in an attachment.

E-PRAGMATIC, report on executed activities

 Report on E-PRAGMATIC activities available.